Get a 100% custom Tel Aviv Guide from a local!

Do you want to get a truly local experience while traveling on your own? Do you want to see more than a regular tour guide from a bookstore can offer? How about getting a custom trip plan that consists not only of major tourist spots but also of places that match your interests, tastes, and personal travel preferences? If you are screaming "Yeeees!" keep reading.
It's like exploring a new city with a local friend who knows all the best spots!
I am using a very cool service called Tripuniq that allows me to create custom trip plans that you can later download to your phone using their app and open it even when you are offline. Thanks to this service, I can create a unique guide specifically for YOU in just 2-3 days – and it will cost you only 5€ per day!

Now you don't need to waste days on going through tons of websites and travel blogs and picking up things you'd like to do here and there. Tell me what you want to see, do, and experience during your trip to Tel Aviv, and I will give you a ready-to-use plan with the best places, useful info, maps, and personal recommendations. And all this info will be in your pocket available any time you need it!
How does it work?

Go to my TripUniq profile, set the dates when you travel and tell me all about your dream trip: what kind of things you like to do, what kind of food you eat, if you travel with friends/partner/kids/alone, what your budget is etc.

I will create a custom guide that will be based on your preferences and that will include insider information including the list of events happening in Tel Aviv on the dates you'll be here.

All you need to do after is to download my guide to your phone and enjoy your trip stress-free!

The price of the service is 5€ per day. You can share the guide with friends - the price doesn't change depending on the number of travelers.

What do you get?

- custom travel guide with insider information;
- recommendations of restaurants, bars, clubs, shops and cool places to visit;
- a list of the events happening in the city at the time of your trip;
- general information which is important to know;
- offline access to your guide from your phone.

So? Shall I start? :)