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My name is Maria. Back in 2014, I moved from Russia to Israel and settled down here, in beautiful Tel Aviv. My curiosity makes me stroll its streets daily in search for new hip places, beautiful spots, unusual tastes, and things that make me stop for a second and enjoy the moment. This city amazes me so much that I feel the need to tell the world about it. Browse through the pages of my blog to find out what's worth seeing, tasting, and experiencing in Tel Aviv.

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Tel Aviv's Essentials
Why is it worth visiting Tel Aviv?

Great weather from May until October, warm Mediterranean sea, amazingly tasty food, rich cultural heritage, lots of places to visit in and outside the city, vivid nightlife, easy communication.

What are the prices in Tel Aviv?

High! Average price of a dish in an average restaurant is $15-20, beer - $7, wine- $9, three-star hotel - $90-200, hostel- $30.

When is the best time to visit Tel Aviv?

The best month is September. The sea is still warm, but it's not boiling hot outside. This is also the time when music festivals start. However, September-October are the months when many Jewish holidays take place and most places are closed. Even public transport does not go. So better check the dates of the holidays in advance and avoid coming at that time.

How to get to the center of Tel Aviv from the Ben Gurion Airport?

The easiest (but definitely not the cheapest) is to take a cab. They work even on Sabbath and cost around $42.

Trains are much cheaper and yet comfortable. You can buy a ticket at the cashier or using a ticket machine. Unfortunately, trains don't go on Sabbath that's why I do not recommend taking a flight on Fridays or Saturdays.

How to get around Tel Aviv?

The best option is to rent a city bike or to take a mini bus. Both are available on Sabbath.

How much does a cab cost in Tel Aviv?

Going in a taxi around the city usually costs around $8-$13. You can use Gett application here.

Is it dangerous in Tel Aviv?

Not more than in any other big city. Yes, war and terrorist attacks happen here from time to time. But nowadays you won't avoid them neither in the US, nor in Europe. If you avoid certain districts in South Tel Aviv the chances that something will happen to you here are close to zero.

What is a must to taste in Tel Aviv?

Hummus, shakshuka, sabich, falafel, local beers and wine.

What is Sabbath?

Sabbath is the day of week when Jewish people are prohibited from working, so basically it's the local weekend. It starts with the sunset on Friday and finishes with the sunset on Saturday. During Sabbat, most shops and restaurants are closed and the public transport doesn't go (except for mini buses). However, in Tel Aviv it is not as strict as in Jerusalem and other religious cities, so you'll still be able to go out and have fun.
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