Самые дешевые бары Тель-Авива
Alcohol is one of the most expensive pleasures of Tel Aviv. Average price of a glass of wine is $10, 0,5 litre of beer - $8, cocktails are crazy expensive - $13. It's much cheaper to buy alcohol in a shop and then drink it on the beach enjoying the view (but note that it is prohibited to drink from glass bottles on the beaches of Tel Aviv, so be careful with your booze).

Still, sometimes it's worth going to a bar because there you can easily meet new people or treat yourself with a good snack. In this post, I've gathered names and addresses of the bars with great Happy Hour deals for food and alcohol in Tel Aviv.
Best Happy Hour In Tel Aviv
Mike's Place

An American sports bar chain with live music almost every night. At Happy Hour (from 3 pm until 7 pm) you have a 1+1 deal on all alcohol.

Address: Retsif Herbert Samuel 90.


Awesome cosy place with an open terrace on one of the main streets of the city. They have good pizza and 50% discount on the whole menu during Happy Hour (from Monday to Thursday from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, on Saturdays - from opening, which depends on Shabbat, to 9 pm).

Address: King George 38.

Salon Berlin

One of the cheapest bars in Tel Aviv located in the very center, right next to Carmel Market. Their Happy Hour lasts till 11 pm (!) and they offer 1+1 on all alcohol.

Address: Najara 15.

Dizzy Frishdon

One of my personal favourites. They are located at the best place to be at night - Dizengoff street. Love them for good vibes and 50% discount on all alcohol and more discounts on food during the Happy Hour, which lasts from 7 pm to 2 am!!! On Sundays, you can come and drink unlimited amount of wine here for $18-$20.

Address: Dizengoff 121.


Legendary bar with live music in Florentine. From Sunday to Thursday, they have 1+1 on all alcohol during Happy Hour (from 7 pm to 9 pm).

Address: Abarbanel 13.


Very cool Mexican bar with awesome decor. Located also in Florentine. Their Happy Hour starts at 5 pm and finished at 8 pm from Sunday to Thursday: 1+1 on draft beers and 50% off food price.

Address: Vital 2.
Best Happy Hour In Tel Aviv

Another cool place with great menu located on the flea market in Jaffa. Happy Hour starts at 5 pm and lasts until 8 pm, from Sunday to Thursday: 1+1 on all alcohol.

Address: Rabbi Nahman 3.

Beer Garden

A chain of pubs with 1+1 for all beers and 10% discount on food during the Happy Hour from 4 pm to 7 pm, from Sunday until Thursday.

Address: HaRav Reines 2, Yehuda ha-Levi 21, Aluf Albert Mendler 3.

Beer Shop

Pub with 30 kinds of beer from all over the world. Their prices are below average even without Happy Hour so it's your go-to place if you love beer.

Address: Yehuda ha-Levi 21.


Another cool sports bar in Florentine. Happy Hour is from 6 pm to 9 pm: 1+1 on all beers, 20% discount on food and 30% on all vegan food (they have an amazing vegan burger - must try!).

Address: Florentin 19.


Bar with Balkan music and food located next to the Great Synagog. Happy Hour is from 6 pm to 8 pm: 50% off all alcohol.

Address: Har Sinai 2.


Sports bar chain with Happy Hour: 1+1 on beers from 5 pm to 8 pm and 1+1 on burgers after 01:00.

Address: Hakishon 7, Ibn Gabirol 12.


Bar with an open stage on Sundays and Happy Hour from 7 pm to 9 pm: 1+1 on all alcohol.

Address: Ben Yehuda 22.