Cold Beer And Friendly Atmosphere at Malan 18

At the time of gourmet restaurants and concept bars with bookings only via Facebook, it's hard to find a simple bar where the owner works himself and knows names of his clients and what they drink. This is exactly the kind of a bar Daniel dreamed about while doing a boring office job. In January 2018, he found a bar whose owner gladly gave him a share and his old dream finally came true.
Bar Malan 18 in Kerem
Bar Malan 18 in Yemenite Quarter
This bar is called Malan 18 and is located in the Yemenite Quarter, where Daniel grew up. He traveled a lot around the world with his parents, who worked as diplomats. This explains his perfect English and French. He was inspired by a small bar in Bordeaux called "The Cock and Bull" where everybody knows each other and the owner.

There are many travelers at Malan 18, especially couchsurfers brought here by one of the bar's loyal customers. Indeed, people here are very easy-going and new conversations start naturally and spontaneously. In just one hour there I met 4 new people, was invited to a party, met a guy I used to work with and a few other cool people of different nationalities.
They have a menu made of few Indian dishes. Their cook Uri traveled a lot around India and brought his favourite flavors to Manal 18. Try Momo dumplings and Chicken Tali.

They have Goldstar and Macabi craft beers, and bottled Brewdog (3 types), Carlsberg, Tuborg, Heineken, and Corona.

Come here to chill and make new friends, and of course for a great atmosphere that only a small neighborhood bar can have.

Address: Malan 18, Tel Aviv
Opening hours: from 7 PM on weekdays, from 11 AM until 4 PM on Fridays.