Skin And Hair Care Tips For A Hot Israeli Summer

Skin And Hair Care Tips For A Hot Israeli Summer
After moving from Russia to boiling hot Israel, I had to build a completely new skin and hair care routine. While living in Moscow my main concern was moisturizing and protecting my skin from cold, in Israel I had to find good SPF, light moisteners for skin and hair, and post-tanning creams. It took me a couple of years to find perfect products for my combination/oily skin. Whether you travel to a hot country or live in one, use them to keep your skin and hair healthy and beautiful.

Sun protection is the most important thing in the supper beauty routine. Being a "happy" owner of combination/oily skin, I know how hard it is to find an SPF that wouldn't make my oily skin look even more shiny than it already is. And Kao BIORE UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel Sunscreen SPF50+ was the best thing that ever happened to my skin! It's a super-light, watery SPF that absorbs in a minute and does keep my skin hydrated and protected for several hours (proved during a three-hour SUP session under the sun). Its 90 ml bottle fits any purse so you can (and should!) always carry it on you.

For my body I use a bit thicker waterproof cream [THESAEM] Eco Earth Power Face & Body Waterproof Sun Block. And last but not least, lip gloss with SPF! Right, our lips also need a good sunscreen. The best one I've ever tried (and I tried many!) is [Mizon] Collagenic Aqua Volume Lip Essence с SPF 10. As you see, it already has SPF in it, so it protects your lips from the sun rays. Plus, it's a great moistener and it has amazing smell!

Calming down skin after spending hours in the sun is also extremely important. The best product for this is aloe vera, which is knows as the most efficient anti-inflammatory remedy. In Tel Aviv, you can buy a gel with aloe vera in any pharmacy or on the Carmel market. However, I prefer to buy a 100% natural aloe vera gel from Korea. It fits any skin type, can be applied on face and body, and even use it as a replacement for heavy moistening creams in summer.

If you think aloe vera only is not enough to properly moisturize you skin, I recommend you to try[ETUDE HOUSE] Honey Cera Emulsion. Now, it's not nearly as heavy as a regularly moisturizer, but it hydrates your skin perfectly making it soft and smooth. And this is another product in my list with an addictive smell.

Hair also suffers from hard sun rays and dryness in summer. Thus, you should moisturize it regularly using hair masks with natural oils. No doubt, the best thing to do would be to make a mix of burdock oil, coconut oil, and flaxseed oil, warm it up a bit and apply on your hair for a few hours. But who has time to do all this? That's why I mostly use these two masks that I buy in Israel or online: Elizavecca Milky Piggy Cer-100 Collagen Ceramide Coating Protein Hair Treatment and Nature Nut Mask for Dry & Damaged Hair (you can get this one in Super Pharm or in any organic store).

And what about makeup? In summer, when skin (especially oily skin) shines like a a freshly polished pot nothing can replace a good mineral powder. I am really obsessed with the ingredients of the products I put on my face daily and I try to buy only natural makeup. That's why I think BareMinerals Matte Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF15 is a must for any girl who lives/travels to a hot country and suffers from oily skin. As you can tell from its name, BareMinerals foundation has SPF 15 and comes in a form of a powder. Check how easy and fast it is to apply and what a perfect coverage it has!
And of course, drink tons of water! 3-4 liters per day are a must, especially in summer. If drinking water regularly is a struggle for you then here are a few tips that will help you get this healthy habit:

1. Buy yourself a stylish bottle that you will feel like showing off in your instagram photos! There are tons of cool options on ebay, and they all cost pennies! Here is my bottle - and I love it! Keep your bottle always nearby: on your table in the office, next to your bed, in your car etc.

2. Use an app that will help you track how much water you drink and remind you when you "fall behind schedule". I used My Water Balance

3. Finally, make it tasty and fun! Every day I add a new taste to my water: strawberry, cucumber, mint, lemon, orange or lime - there are tons of options!
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