Best Breakfast Places In Tel Aviv

Best Breakfast Places In Tel Aviv
Israeli Breakfast is a mix of all the best foods of the Mediterranean: salads with fresh local veggies, different kinds of bread, goat cheese, fresh juices, tahini, and of course, shakshuka. Friday morning breakfast or brunch is the most common time for friends to meet up. On every corner of Tel Aviv you will find cozy cafes with open terraces and small groups of people (with dogs) sitting there.

Here is a list of recommended breakfast places in Tel Aviv. Most of them are popular among Tel Avivian themselves, some of them are my personal "secret spots". I am sure none of them will disappoint you.
The Norman
The Norman is considered to be one of the best hotels in Tel Aviv. This beautiful establishment has a restaurant and bar open to everyone. So even if you are not a guest of the hotel you still can enjoy its high-class service and atmosphere.

In the morning, they offer a buffet for breakfast with a few main courses to choose from (shakshuka and eggs Benedict are my personal recommendation!). The buffet includes cheeses, jams, drinks, fish, and desserts.

Address: Nahmani 25
Price: $35
Завтрак В Отеле The Norman
Manta Ray
If you want to have breakfast with the best view to the sea go to Manta Ray. It is located right on Alma Beach so close to the sea that you can feel its breeze.

What I love about breakfast in Manta Ray is the great set of salads and spreads - typical thing for Israel, but the choice and quality are outstanding here. Another specialty of this place are pancakes. Fluffy, small, covered with maple syrup, as if they came from an American movie. Polish all this with a glass of cava with lichee and you are good to go (if you still can).

Address: Alma Beach, 703 Yehezkel Kaufman
Price: $28
Breakfast on the beach at Manta Ray
Tola'at Sfarim
Tola'at Sfarim is a wonderful bookstore with a cafe in it. It's a rare place for Tel Aviv since it is always quiet and calm here as in library. People come to Tola'at Sfarim to work or read. The cafe is located in a beautiful building with high windows overlooking the inside court and little towers on the outside. This "secret" place can be easily overlooked if you don't know where to search for it, which only adds to the intimate atmosphere inside.

Surprisingly, this place that is supposed to be so far from all the pleasures of the material world has amazing breakfast menu! Omelette, breads, salads, and the best part - perfect croissant with butter and jam.

Address: Maze 7
Price: $17
One of the most popular places for breakfast in Tel Aviv, cafe Xoho. Opened by a wonderful American girl, it attracts guests from all around the world. The atmosphere is super cozy and homey: waiters know most clients by their names, clients know each other, many of them come from the same neighbourhood. The food is healthy and tasty: they have whole wheat breads and bagels, gluten free dishes, vegan meals, sugar-free options and many more.

Even though their specialties are bagels and cookies, I think the most unusual and worth trying dish is eggs on the beer bread! Delicious and original!

Address: Gordon 17
Price: $28

Meshek Barzilay
Meshek Barzilay is one of the best vegan places in Tel Aviv, though in my opinion, their food is so good that you don't need to be a vegan to appreciate it. But first the cafe itself. It is hidden in one of the inner streets of Neve Tsedek and is decorated with beautiful wooden furniture and plants. Quiet, slow music plays inside helping you to almost meditate while studying the menu. You can sit here for hours enjoying a conversation with a friend or reading a book or newspaper. Oh, and I love their service! So friendly and attentive.
Meshek Barzilai
Come here with 1-2 friends and order the Royal Couple brunch. It consists of a basket with breads with vegan butter, tahini and jam, a few salads, drinks, vegan cheeses, and two main courses - calzone with spinach and cashew and frittata. All dishes are quite heavy that's why sharing is recommended.

Address: Ahad Ha'Am 6
Price: $25
Lehamim is my favourite bakery. Here you can get freshly-made breads, pastries, sandwiches, cakes, and all sorts of baked goods. It's always crowded, especially on Fridays when they serve their special breakfast for two. Come early, around 9 AM, otherwise you might have to wait in a line for about half an hour. By the way, if you do have to wait entertain yourself by walking around the flea market that happens literally next door every Friday. Here you might find some nice old jewellery or vinyl.

When you finally get inside order the breakfast for two. It includes eggs, several kinds of cheese, fruits, salted fish, dessert, breads, and spreads.

Address: Hashmonaim 103
Price: $22
Bucke Cafe
Bucke is a very Tel Avivian place. It is hidden on a small street in the city center, not far from Rothschild boulevard. You won't find many tourists here. Most of its guest live somewhere nearby. That's why everybody knows each other and waiters talk to some guests as to their friends.

Their specialty is a tray with several typical Israeli dishes: eggs, tuna salad, baked cauliflower, tahini, couscous salad, and one foreign addition - tzatziki. They also have great mixed juices.

Address: Ahad Ha'am 91
Price: $22
Тель-авивский завтрак в Bucke Cafe
Shukshuka is The Place to try one of the main Israeli dishes shakshuka. It's located on the Carmel market, has great vibes and waiters who offer you a shot of Aperol on a Friday morning. They have four kinds of shakshuka: Italian, Greek, French, and the classic one. My favorite is the Italian one with basil and goat cheese.

Address: Carmel 41
Price: $11
Shakshuka on the Carmel Market
Kasbah is an incredibly cozy cafe in Florentine with original design, great atmosphere and tasty food. It's always quite and intimate here so if you need a place to work or relax you've found it. And of course, they have great food. I am crazy about their Norwegian sandwich with salmon, tartar sauce and thinly sliced beetroot in olive oil.

Address: Florentin 3
Price: $11
Завтрак во Флорентин - Kasbah
Завтрак в Касба
Завтрак в Касба