The Must-try Food On The Carmel Market

The Must-try Food On The Carmel Market
On Carmel Market, you can try food from all around the world: Middle Eastern, Asian, Latin American and European. But of course this place fits best for tasting local cuisine: falafel, hummus, kebab, shawarma, shakshuka and local home food. Let's begin!

The most important thing to in Israel try is hummus of course. Hummus is a dip or spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas or other beans, blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic.

A good place to taste hummus on Carmel Market is Hummus Magen David (known also as "Hummus haCarmel"). The original decor of this place reminds a synagogue with a Torah and big old books on the walls. The place attracts both tourists and locals, which is a sure sign of quality. Order a plate of classic hummus or if you want to spice things up add an egg and beans to it (the name of this dish is "hummus ful' ").

Price: about $7
Address: haCarmel 11
Хумус на рынке Кармель
Хумусная на рынке Кармель
Our next must-try dish is falafel. Falafel is a deep-fried ball made of ground chickpeas, beans, or both. Usually it goes inside a pita with other fillings, including tahini or hummus.

On the corner of Carmel and Rambam streets, there is a place where already three generations of the same family make falafel (I guess this explains the high prices). It's called simply "Falafel Rambam". Definitely have a small chat with the guys working there - they are very friendly and funny and might tell you a story or two about their life and work. If you are alone and not too hungry take half-a-portion - falafel is quiet a heavy food, and we are only at the beginning of our gastronomic tour.

Prices: $7 / $5
Address: Rambam 2
Фалафель на рынке Кармель
Где попробовать фалафель в Тель-Авиве?
Another Israeli cuisine classic is shakshuka - a dish made of tomato paste with spices and fried eggs. Usually goes with a variety of breads, tahini and a salad.

One of my favourite shakshuka places is located here, on Carmel Market. It has a funny name "Shushuka". Here you can try this traditional dish in several untraditional variations.

Price: $13 for shakshuka
Address: haCarmel 41
Шакшука на рынке Кармель
"Bar Okhel" is one of the most popular places on Carmel Market. It's always full, especially on Fridays. They serve kebabs, falafel, sausages, several kinds of shakshuka, and grilled veggies. Perfect place for tasting local food.

Prices: $7-$19
Address: haCarmel 38

Бар Охель на рынке Кармель
Another favourite place of mine is "Cevichia". It's a kiosk where you get a huge bowl of ceviche (Latin Americal dish made of raw fish and seafood with citrus juices and spices). In "Cevichia", they mix fish and seafood with berries and veggies (I know, fish with strawberries might sound weird but it is actually tasty). Goes perfectly well with a glass of white wine that you can get here as well.

The only drawback of this place is absence of normal tables. And the smell of raw fish from the shop nearby doesn't really whet your appetite. So grab a take-away and walk to the park that is just 5 minutes away. Here you'll be able to truely enjoy the taste of this incredible dish.

Price: ceviche $13, wine $7
Address: Simtat HaCarmel 31
Свежая рыба и савиче на рынке Кармель
Савиче на рынке Кармель
Another good seafood place is "Fish and Chips". As you've guessed already, they serve fried fish and fries as well as ceviche and traditional Middle Eastern dessert malabi (milk-based pudding, thickened with rice flour or cornstarch, and then topped with sweet syrup).

Price: $8 per dish
Address: Yom Tov 7

Рыба на рынке Кармель
"Arepas" is a kiosk where you can try Venezuelan pancakes of ground maize dough or cooked flour with different fillings: beef, chicken, black beans, avocado, and of course with cheese.

Price: $10-$12
Address: HaCarmel 38
Уличная еда на рынке Кармель
"HaMitbakhon" is a restaurant with traditional Middle Eastern home food. Shakshuka, sweet potato, couscous, fried eggplant, soups, salads, majara and different kinds of meat - all the food that you will normally find on a table during Sabbath. The portions are huge, so sharing is recommended.

Prices: $15 per dish
Address: Rabbi Akiva 18
Домашняя еда на рынке Кармель
Surely, that's far from being it: Carmel Market is full of small shops and kiosks that I am still to discover. Stay tuned and check my blog for future updates!

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