The One Hebrew Online Course You'll Need

Hebrew is very different from English in the way it sounds and in the way it is written. That's why it is so complicated for English-speakers to remember words and their pronunciation in Hebrew. There are many online courses for learning Hebrew but this one will help you get all the necessary skills at the same time.

Definitely the best way to learn Hebrew is to find a good Ulpan (Hebrew language school) and study in small groups where everyone has time to practice talking, reading, and writing in Hebrew. But not everyone has time and money to attend a school and studying alone with books is simply boring and unproductive.

HebrewPod101 is an online Hebrew course that helps you learn how to read, understand, and write in this language. It fits people with different level of Hebrew, from absolute beginners to advanced users who want to get more practice and learn more sophisticated words and phrases.

Самые эффективные способы изучения иврита
Each level has about 25-50 lessons in it. Each lessons includes a dialog built around some up-to-date and useful topic: job search in Israel, holidays, making Aliyah, traveling etc. Each dialog has a written version and translation to English.

How to work with dialogs:

1. Listen the dialog carefully and try to understand its global idea. Don't try to translate all the words now.

2. Read the text of the dialog out-loud. If you doubt the pronunciation of some words listen again the part of the dialog where they were mentioned.

3. Now translate all the new words and add them to the "Word Bank" (your personal built-in dictionary of the course).

4. Listen to the dialog again and write down everything you here. Put it on pause while writing down sentences.

5. Open the text of the dialog, compare and correct the notes you've made.

To learn the words you've written down use "Flashcards". Try to practice daily.
Самые эффективные способы изучения иврита
All this takes about 30 minutes per day. 30 minutes and you will learn how to write, read, and understand Hebrew! Study any time and ay where - the course has also a mobile app.
Самые эффективные способы изучения иврита
To have access to all the materials it is enough to buy the Basic Plan which costs only $6 per month (if you pay for 6 months in one go).

if you feel that studying alone is hard for you and you need a help of a teacher, purchase the Premium Plus Plan which includes:

- 1-on-1 Access to a Teacher
- Personalized Learning Program
- Ongoing Professional Assessment
- Personal Assignments.

You can cancel the subscription any time you want - HebrewPod101 promises 100% money back guarantee during the first 60 days if, for any reason, you are not happy.