Experience kibbutz living and ecotourism in Israel

Experience kibbutz living and ecotourism in Israel
A kibbutz is a type of a collective community unique to Israel. The first kibbutz was founded at the beginning of the XXth century. People living in kibbutzim at that time mainly worked in agriculture. Everyone made his or her own contribution to the community's economy. The profit was distributed according to the community's needs.

In the past decades, many kibbutzim have been privatized. Community's values still mean a lot there and all the decisions are made by all its members together, however, from an economical perspective people living there have become more independent.
Органическая ферма в Израиле
Kibbutz Lotan is located in the south of Israel, in the Negev desert. It's a young and small community of only around 200. Lotan was founded in 1983 by American immigrants belonging to reform Judaism (a more liberal branch of Judaism). Environmental protection was one of their core values, and so they put it in the center of their young community's life.
As a guest of Kibbutz Lotan Desert Inn, you will live in a comfortable room with your own little kitchen, shower and toilet, AC, and other amenities you'd expect to find in any other hotel. At the same time, you will be able to participate in the kibbutz cultural life, in its work of reusing waste and gardening.

You will be able to choose what events and workshops you'd like to participate in and have your own schedule. In your free time, you'll be able to explore the south of Israel: Timna National Park (27 km), Red Canyon (64 kn), the city of Eilat (53 km) and its numerous attractions.

A double tourist room costs around $110 per night. There are playgrounds for kids, restaurants, organic garden, tea room, and a free parking on the territory of Kibbutz Lotan. Starting April, they give access to the open swimming pool.

Kibbutz Lotan is a great place for a vacation with kids (there are lots of activities for them here), birdwatchers (the migration seasons when you can see them here lasts 3 months!), and those who are looking for a quite place in the nature to escape from the city.
Гостевой дом в кибуце Лотан
In Kibbutz Lotan, visitors can learn about organic farming, natural building, and living in a more eco-friendly way. There are 3 ways that you can participate in the community's life and learn from it:

  • taking workshops on organic gardening, naturally sustainable building projects, green architecture, and landscaping;
  • taking an intensive one-month course in their eco-campus to study natural construction;
  • studying food production, appropriate technologies, waste management, ecological design, and community living as a volunteer of their program called Eco-Experience.
As a volunteer in Kibbutz Lotan, you will live with other people who came to study here in Lotan's eco-campus. This place is really special and you should know well what to expect. The whole campus is made as a house in the open air: there are a few "rooms" that look like Chukchi yarangas but are made of mud (mix of straw, clay, sand, and water). There is nothing except for a bed and a few shelves in each room. Minimalism in its best!
The "living room" is a big open tent where everybody can gather round and spend some time together. There is also a stove with an open fire for cooking vegetarian food that was grown in the kibbutz. Shower and toilet are shared and placed outside - both are built in a way that helps save water and electricity. If you are looking for this kind of experience, you don't have to come as a volunteer - you can also rent one of those dorms on airbnb.
On Fridays, you will have a truly unique chance to participate in Sabbath Dinner with all the other community members and people who live in the kibbutz.

This kind of experience is still new for Israel - not every community is ready to open its doors to strangers, not even to other Israelis. So if you want to experience living in a real Kibbutz or learn more about eco-living this is your chance. Book a tourist room or an eco-dorm in Kibbutz Lotan now!