Best low-budget hotels in the center of Tel Aviv

Best low-budget hotels in the center of Tel Aviv
Staying in Tel Aviv is expensive. Most three to four-star hotels would not even pull off two stars usually. It is important to understand that even the best low-budget hotel in Tel Aviv will look simpler than you imagine. It will be a small but clean room; in some cases, staff need to be reminded to change linens and towels; breakfast will not always be included in the price (yes, in the very $100- $120 rooms); in the bathroom, there will only be a shower. Understand that you pay primarily for location and the ability to easily get to the beach, restaurants, museums, shops, and main streets, even on the Sabbath. Here is the list of 10 best inexpensive hotels with excellent reviews, excellent location, and prices up to $120 per night that won't disappoint you.

Allenby 106 / $99 per night
Don't let the view of a dilapidated building scare you. Inside, the Hotel Allenby 106 is a stylishly decorated, newly renovated residence with designer furniture. All rooms have air conditioning, a TV, refrigerator, shower, hairdryer, towels, and an electric kettle.

By the way, the building itself is one of the rare examples of using the principles of cubism in the architecture of Tel Aviv. The arches of the balconies, the windows of the staircase and the ornament of the stairs are of particular interest. Pay attention to them and you will appreciate the beauty of this building.

What's nearby? Location is the biggest advantage of Allenby 106. The sea is 5 minutes away, the Carmel market is 10 minutes away, there are several bars and cafes nearby, although it is better to walk for 15-20 minutes to Dizengoff street – that's where all the best bars and restaurants in the city are. On the Shabbat you can take the bus number 4 from here to Namal Tel Aviv, where everything is still open even on this day.

The price for a double room: $99 per night.

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Idelson Hotel / $115 per night
Located on a small quiet street just a few steps from one of the main streets of Ben Yehuda, Idelson Hotel is a great option for those who want tranquility and central location at the same time.

On the first floor, there is a small restaurant. Some of the rooms have balconies. There is modern furniture, a shower, conditioner, safe, mini-bar, TV, hairdryer, and towels in every room.

What's nearby? The beach is a 5-minute walk away, it's 2 minutes to the Tiv Tam and AM: PM convenience stores (open 24/7), Dizengoff street is 15 minutes away, and Bograshov street with lots of great bars and restaurants is just 10 minutes away.

The price for a two-room suite: $115 per night.

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Liber Tel Aviv Sea Shore Suites are located literally across the street from the beach. The rooms are very small, but clean. They have a small kitchenette with a microwave and kettle, a fridge, a shower, and a TV. It is quite a nice place with an incredible location for such a price. It is an ideal place for those who are traveling alone.

What's nearby? Well, clearly the beach is close by. What else? The Carmel Market is 15 minutes away. Allenby and Ben Yehuda, which are just a couple of minutes away, are packed with bars and cafes. You can get to the northern port of Tel Aviv "Namal" in 5-7 minutes by bus #4.

The standard price for a room in this hotel is beyond the limits that I indicated in the heading, but they have big discounts. And if you get on them, you can easily get a $100 room here. So, I recommend checking this option when searching for a budget place in Tel Aviv.

The price for a two-room suite: $90 per night.

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Olympia Hotel is located in a new building with a pleasant decor - a rarity for budget hotels in Tel Aviv. The rooms are spacious, and some of them have a view of the sea. They have excellent breakfasts. And the location puts you just two steps from the beach.

What's nearby? Olympia Hotel is located in the north of the city, literally a minute walk from the beach and 5 minutes from Namal Tel Aviv (a great benefit if you have to spend the Shabbat here).

The price for a two-room suite: $105 per night (in the low-season).

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Gordon Inn / from $80 per night
Gordon Inn is known for its excellent service and delicious breakfasts. The rooms have a shower, air conditioning, and a TV. Clean and modern. Excellent balance between price and quality. Suitable for couples, families and groups of friends (there are rooms for four).

What's nearby?
In 5 minutes' walk you can get to Gordon Beach, where you can rent a surf or a SUP. In 15 minutes', you can get to the northern port of Tel Aviv "Namal", where everything is open even on the Sabbath. Frishman street is a few minutes from the hotel, and there you can find Anastasia, the best vegan cafe in the city, and the best sabikh. Also, a couple of minutes' walk away, on Gordon Street, there is cafe Xoho, one of the best places for breakfast.

The price for a two-room suite: $80-100 per night.

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Ness Hotel / от $90 за ночь
Ness may be the best budget hotel in terms of value for your money. The building is new, the decor is original, and everything is new and in excellent condition. Also, there is a large terrace with a jacuzzi. It is a rare place for Tel Aviv. The only negative is a small room and bath, but who stays in the room when there is a beach, the sea, and tons of bars waiting outside?

What's nearby?
The sea is a 5-minute walk away, close to convenience stores Tiv Tam and AM: PM. Across the road is the Yeshua bar with a good selection of draft beers and live music with an open stage. And just 10 minutes away there is one of my favorite cafes, Adraba.

The price for a two-room suite: $90-100 per night.

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