What To Do In Tel Aviv On Sabbath

What To Do In Tel Aviv On Sabbath​
In Israel, Friday and Saturday are the weekend while Sunday is the first day of the week. Weekend here is often referred to as "Sabbath".

Sabbath is the day when Torah prohibits Jews to work. Sabbath starts with the sunset on Friday and finishes with the sunset on Saturday. During this day, most shops, kosher restaurants, banks, and other institutions are closed.

Luckily, Tel Aviv is a very liberal city and many places stay open here even on Sabbath. So don't worry - you won't stay bored and hungry. In this article, you'll find a list of places where you can spend your weekend in Tel Aviv.
What exactly happens on the Sabbath: there is no public transport (trains and buses, taxis), kosher restaurants and cafes are not open, almost all shops, banks and, of course, all government agencies are closed. However, Tel Aviv is known for its liberalism and the violation of many religious statutes. So, you can easily find something to do here even on Sabbaht.

The most obvious option is to go to the beach or take a walk around the city. Just keep in mind that this brilliant idea comes to 90% of the residents of Tel Aviv, so all the beaches, parks and open-air restaurants will be crowded.

What to do in Tel Aviv on Sabbath?

There are a few places where you can go to during Sabbath and spend the whole day there:

1. Stroll through Old Jaffa

Jaffa is an Arab region, so many cafes, restaurants, and bars are open there even on the Sabbath. However, no shops and no flea market. I think it is quite possible to combine a walk and lunch there with a visit to the nearest beach and spend the whole Saturday that way.

What exactly you can do in Jaffa, you can learn from my guidebook.
Пекарня "Абулафия"
2. Spend a day with your family at the park and market Sarona

Sarona is a complex consisting of a small park with shops and restaurants, and a covered market. Besides the fact that you can find any kind of food here (burgers, sushi, breakfasts, Italian and Asian cuisine, fresh vegetables, fish, sweets, etc.), you can also come here to rest as a family. There are several playgrounds, plenty of space for running and roller skating, as well as clearings with tables for picnics.

Sarona is 10 minutes from Rothschild Boulevard and Abima Square.
Рынки Тель-Авива - Сарона
3. Go shopping or enjoy seafood at the port of Namal

Another great option for family relaxation. In the port of Namal there are restaurants, shops, a wonderful carousel, many playgrounds and, again, a place for cycling, rollerblading, etc. Namal is located in the very north part of the city, next to the park of Arkon, which, by the way, is also a great place for a relaxing on Saturday.

If you are interested in grocery stores, then look for Tiv Tam (English name "In the city") or Am: Pm. They are open 24/7 and you can find everything to survive the Sabbath there.
Путеводитель по Тель-Авиву - Порт Намаль

What restaurants are open on Sabbath?

Hong Kong Dim Sum - Chinese cuisine;
Cafe Shneor - home food: salads, shakshuka, soups, tea, coffee;
Thai House - Thai cuisine;
Tchernichovsky 6 - Portuguese restaurant with great choice of wine;
Cafe Bialik - home Israeli food;
Little Prague - Czech restaurant;
Pappa's - Italian cuisine;
HaMitbachon - home Middle Eastern food;
Aroma - chain of coffee shops with salads, sandwiches, and breakfast options;
HaMalabiya - desserts;
Shu Sha - burgers;
Hummus Mashawsha - one of the best hummus places in Tel Aviv;
The Minzar - bar with snacks and alcohol;
Moon - high-quality sushi bar;
Loveat - breakfasts, coffee, salads, sandwiches;
HaAchim - Middle Eastern restaurant with a buffet for breakfast. Book in advance!

Is there any transport on Sabbath?

You will have to get around the city on foot, on a rental bike or on shuttle buses, since buses are not operating on the Sabbath. A taxi, already an expensive pleasure, is even more expensive on this day. If you want to spend the weekend in another city, it is better to go there on Thursday evening or Friday morning and stay there for the night.

Despite all these inconveniences, there is something beautiful about the Sabbaht: it literally makes you slow down, take a deep breath, and enjoy a relaxing weekend.