6 Must-Visit Markets of Tel Aviv

6 Must-Visit Markets of Tel Aviv
In Middle East, markets are an essential part of culture, thus, they can be considered a must-see in any Middle Eastern country including Israel. There are several types of markets in Tel Aviv: food markets, flea markets, and designer markets. In this article, I will tell you about the first two.

But first some basics of shopping Israeli way:

1. Bargain. Especially if you are a tourist. In this country, talking in any language except for Hebrew is like putting a sign "Please, rip me off" on youself. Salesmen know that you have no idea what the regular price is and will always try to take more from you, so check prices in different places and bargain to get a better deal.

2. Go till the end. I think this one is true for all markets in the world: at the end of the market prices are usually lower.

3. Shop always at the same place. Salesmen remember their loyal clients. Many times it happened to me that I would get something additional for free (especially at the end of the day when they need to sell everything out) or that I forgot to take my purchases and got them back a few days later because the seller remembered me. So find your "suppliers" and stick to them.

Carmel Market

Carmel is the central market of Tel Aviv and one of its must-see places. That's why I recommend to come here early in the morning, before 9 am, otherwise you will be stuck in a crowd of tourist walking with the speed of a zombie.

On Carmel, you can buy low-budget clothes, accessories, tea, coffee, spices, and, of course, food. This is the best place to get fresh fruits, vegetables, and Middle Eastern sweets such as baklava, knafeh, halva, nuts, and dry fruits.

Also, there are lots of kiosks and small cafes with street food from different countries - to learn more about them, read my guide to Carmel Market.

The market is open every day except for Saturday.
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Levinsky Market

Levinski is another great food market, but this one is located in Florentine. Unlike on Carmel, there are not that many tourists on Levinski, that's why prices and quality are much better here. It's also less crowded and more organised, so if you want to do some real shopping and not just "sightseeing" then it's better to come here.

The market is open every day except for Saturday.
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Рынки Тель-Авива - рынок Левински

Sarona Market

Sarona is something between Barcelona's La Boqueria and Manhattan'a Chelsea Market. Here you will find fresh fish, cheese, French boulangerie and patisserie, wine shops, organic shops - everything of the premium quality.

Plus, this place is a concentration of chef's restaurants and famous Israeli chains Segev, Meat Bar Burger, Anise, Ramen Bar, as well as popular cafes and bars like Landwer, Beer Garden, Rustico, Anita Ice Cream, Greg's. Also, you can find here shops of world-known brands like Levi's, Diesel, Tommy Hilfiger and others.

Open every day
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Рынки Тель-Авива - Сарона

Nachlat Binyamin Fair

There is a weekly crafts fair on Nachlat Binyamin each Tuesday and Friday morning. Local craftsmen and designers sell here their hand-made goods such as jewelry, paintings, home decor items and much more. The best about this place is that you can actually talk to the people who created things you are about to buy. You can find out how exactly they were made and of what materials, how to take care of them and where you can buy more.

Open each Tuesday and Friday morning
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Рынки Тель-Авива - Нахалат Биньямин

Flea Market In Jaffa

There is a great flea market in Tel Aviv, in Old Jaffa. Here you can find unique antique things: furniture, lamps, accessories, home appliances and other things that are now proudly called "vintage". There are a few stores that sell second-hand clothes as well.

Talking about clothes, Jaffa Flea Market is one of the favorite spots of local designers. Sharon Brunsher, Lara Rosnovsky, Ellen Ruben, Anat Friedman have their stores here.

Open every day except for Saturday
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Рынки Тель-Авива - Блошиный рынок в Яффо

Flea Market on Ginov Square

Remember the music video of "Thrift Shop"? Well, it could have been shot here, on Givon Square. If you are into vintage clothing, vinyl, old books, cameras, posters, and postcards, then this place is for you. It works every Friday and you can visit if after having an amazing breakfast at Lehamim.

Open on Fridays
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